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Liver disease is a common problem.  Allopathic treatment has no efficient and effective liver drugs to treat hepatitis.
Liver disease may be fatal if treatment is delayed.
Autoimmune liver disease may occur at all ages and is four times more common in women than men. It may be fatal if untreated.
Women are more predisposed to drug induced liver injury especially Anti tuberculosis treatment which may result in liver failure.
Life style modification include weight reduction., avoiding fast food, regular exercise up to one hour, five days a week and proper control of diabetes will go a long way to decrease complication associated with a fatty liver.
Ayurveda herbs like Bhumiamalaki and Kalmegh to treat liver disease.

Jaundice is a very late manifestation of liver disease. Other symptoms are fatigue , anemia, lethargy, weight loss or gain , loss of appetite, nausea, swelling of feet or abdomen, joint pain, menstrual disturbance, fever , vomiting of blood,  passage of black stools, memory lapse

Physical examination by an ayurvedic physician liver enlargement and other clinical signs of liver disease .
Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is more common in women who have diabetes and are obese.
Young women on regular contraceptive pills develop liver related side effects like tumor and jaundice.

Take ayurveda herbs to treat liver disease. Liver cells are regenerated.  But herbs should be pure. Market oriented products have less potency




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Schizophrenia is a common problem all over the world. About 1 percent of adults’ population is suffering from this darkness of mind.  This disease is commonly seen genetically. If your relatives have disease there is more chance of developing this disease. According to Ayurveda and astrology for the mana the planet is moon. Moon position and effects of negative planets predicts the disease schizophrenia.  In Ayurveda effects of low tide and high tide also depicts the incidence in schizophrenic patients. If your parents are schizophrenic then there are chances of 8-12 percent of development of this disease.  If child is given for adoption he or she still has a lot of chances of developing schizophrenia as there are genomic changes in brain. In few cases it is also found family circumstances can also change your brain development. Psychological stress can trigger the problem.  Sometimes Viral infection and influenza infection can trigger schizophrenia.
By computerized tomography of some schizophrenic patients there is damage of ventricular area of brain. In modren view it is related to neuro-transmitters disturbance of dopaminergic hormones.
In Ayurveda it is completely related to Mana. Mana has three gunu Satva ,Rajas,  Tama.  When there is increase of Tamo bhava in our mind. There is simply a disease called Unmad. Unmad completely resembles schizophrenia in modern.
Symptoms of schizophrenia

You are ordered to do things put by another person who is invisible.
Your original thoughts get abolished.
Auditory hallucinations
He or she feels that someone is planning to hurt him

Treatment in Ayurveda for schizophrenia 

Devvyapaashray chiktisa
Herbal medicines

In Devvyapaashray chiktisa mantra are recited for the person who is suffering from this disease
Sometimes mantra are recited by his or her family members.  Patients feel better by chanting mantras.

Herbs are given to patients to regenerate the white mater or blocking the dopaminergic hormones responsible for negative thoughts.




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Anemia is a common problem among women. Anemia means a low level range of hemoglobin level in our bodies. Sometimes it occurs in young infants normally because they are on mother feed for 1-2 years of age.  But when they start taking normal diet it is covered.  But in adult women it is a common problem because in every menstrual cycle there is loss of iron. Secondly ladies suffering from uterine fibroid are more prone to heavy blood loss. In post menopausal women and men cause of anemia is gastrointestinal bleeding.  It may occur due to non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and some patients are suffering from piles, neoplastic diseases and peptic ulcer. To cure this allopathic treatment is to give iron pills which aren’t tolerated by the patient’s stomach. These pills cause gastritis, constipation. As an Ayurvedic physician patients are advised to take fresh fruits and vegetables. Take loh bhasm 1000 times processed to cure anemia.




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Gout and Ayurveda
According to Ayurveda Gout is called Vatta Rakta.  It is said that when Vatta get vitiated it causes the vitiation of Rakta dhatu.  In modern, when blood uric acid is raised.  It is called gout.
It is normally more in men than women. A family history of gout is found in large number of people. Serum uric acid level more than 7mg/dl is suggestive of gout. According to Ayurveda small joint  are involved. Vitiated Vatta when enter blood causes gout. Increase of uric acid is due to lesser excretion of uric acid by the kidney. Or it is due to overproduction of uric acid by metabolism.
In my view as an ayurvedic physician to increase the excretion of uric acid we have to take plenty of water daily.

Treatment in Ayurveda
Kishore guggal
Mahaminjistha kwath
Vataraktantak ras
Arogyavardini vati

Oil massage




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Gall stone and Ayurveda
Gallstones are normally more common in western countries.  It is also common in America, India. It is generally more common in women than men. These are more common in 5 F’s – Fatty, Female, Forty, Fertile and Fair. These stones are of cholesterol, bile pigment, calcium salts. Family history or hereditary is one of the most common factor. Fatty patients are more commonly have higher incidence of gallstones.  Women who are taking contraceptive tablets have more chances of developing gallstone.  A less amount of dietary fibers also lead to gallstones. Patients who are taking moderate amount of alcohol seems to be protected by formation of gallstones.
Ayurveda pathogenesis of Gallstones
When Tridodoshaj Vatta, Pitta, Kapha vitiated and gets accumulated in Anavahistrota lead to formation Pitta Kapha  stone in Pittashya. These are called gallstone.  Gallbladder has a power of clearing and emptying the bile.When bile gets accumulated with  cholesterol lead to formation of gallstones. It is due to impairment of clearing and emptying.
Ayurveda treatment for Gallstones

Pashanvajrak ras
Shaumbhikaadi vati






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Red wine may help to prevent memory loss 
a compound found in common food such as red grapes and peanuts may help to prevent age related decline in memory.
According to Indian origin researchers a faculty member in Texas has been studying the potential benefits of resveratol, antioxidants that is found in the skin of red grapes as well as red wine, peanuts and some berries. Resveratol has been widely touted for it potential to prevent heart. Dr shetty has said that it has very good effects on the hippocampus, an area of brain that is critical to functions such as memory, learning and mood.
As both animal and human show a decline in cognitive capacity after middle age. The findings may have implications for treating memory loss. Resveratol may be helpful to people afflicted with severe neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer disease. Shetty and its team reported that treatment with resveratol had apparent benefits in terms of learning, memory, mood functions in aged rats. By contrast both spatial learning and memory improved in the resveratol. The Resveratol treated rats had improved blood flow and a lower level of chronic inflammation in the hippocampus. The study revealed resveratol treatment id very helpful in old age. I as an ayurvedic physician have combination of herbs in which dry skin of red grapes is used. So take ayurvedic herbs to prevent old age memory loss.




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Daily meditation can slow the age related loss of Grey matter in the brain thus lowering the risk of developing risks for mental illness and neurodegenerative disease a study shows. Meditation appeared to help preserve the brain’s Grey mater the tissue that contain neuron, said the Florian Kurth. For study the scientists looked specifically at the association between age and Grey matter.  They compared 50 persons who meditated for years with 50 who did not.  People in both groups showed a loss of Grey matter as they aged.  But the researchers found among those who meditated the volume of Grey mater did not decline as much as who did not. As baby boomer have aged the elderly people have grown the incidence of cognitive decline
and dementia has increased as the brain ages. I as an ayurvedic physician recommend for meditation and take ayurveda herbs to preserve the brain mater.





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The more I sweat, the more fat I burn –This statement is not true. When we are doing strenuous exercise in Gym, we lose only water and water loss is not our fat loss and sweat is only water loss. Burning fat sweating often go hand in hand, and are confused as being similar. However excessive water loss through sweat can be very harmful as it can lead to dehydration, exhaustion and even heat stroke in few cases. Water loss hampers the ability to continue any cardiovascular exercise as the body overheats and is unable to get rid of this heat buildup. Imagine a car to be the human body. The radiator in a car can be compared to our water stores while the fuel tank can be related to our fat stores.
So do not confuse fuel tank to radiator. The myth of steam rooms are based on this theory. It may be with this your inches may go down but this loss is only water loss. To facilitate fat loss one must drink water before and after exercise.

As an ayurvedic physician there are lots of herbs like Vriksamla and guggal can make your weight loss of five kg in one if good quality herbs are there.





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Insomnia and treatment
About 25 percent of adults can’t sleep at night. They are suffering from insomnia. In this disease people are not able to sleep or it vanishes before its time.Patient is deprived of proper and quality sleep . They are running after the gathering all the matetlisticthings in the world . They are working day and night. .In this state good and quality sleep run away. The physical and mental distress and high blood pressure are occurring due to lack of proper sleep. In insomnia patient start s taking sleeping pills and liquor and all other intoxicating substances and slowly caught in trap.
When a person does not get proper sleep. He develops the system of tiredness and imbalance in eating and drinking habits. Excessive consumption of liquor cause insomnia. If it prolonged for longet period it will lead psychological problems like schizophrenia and mood disorders like bipolar disorder. .some time patients feel likedoing suicide.
Causes of insomnia
If a person is allergic to any food article thiscan happen
Due to neurosis or psychological disorders patient is unable to sleep.
Person working in shifts can suffer from this type of problems.
Rheumatoid arthritis , Pneumonitis, encephalitis and blockage in arteries are also causing insomnia.
Some people are natural prove to this disease.
Negative thoughts can lead to this problem.
Person living in noisy place can also suffer from this disease.
Excessive t.v. and movies may cause insomnia.

Home remedies
Person must apply khus khus oil or badam oil on his head. .
At night take ginger decoction
Wash your eyes before sleeping
Apply til oil on head

Macoy 10-20gm root must take as decoction.
Punarnava decoction 50-100 ml can be taken
Brahmi mulathi aswagandha jatamansi
Almond oil should be put in nose .in morning empty stomach and in evening before sleep

Skin of the root of bel and piplamool must be powdered and should be taken every day.
Kesar must be fried and smell

Do yoga

Oil massages yoga and light exercise induce good sleep.




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What is Ayurveda by Dr. Mukesh Bhatia | Bhatia Ayurveda Karnal

Ayurveda means ‘’science of life’’. Charaka had defined Ayurveda as the science through the help of which one can obtain knowledge about the happy and miserable types of life. The social medicine which is treated as a new concept in modern system of medicine is nothing but it is that has been preached and propounded in Ayurveda more than 2500 years before.

Ayurveda helps you in getting rid of disease as Ayurveda consider individual as a whole for treatment not only the affected part of the body. Ayurvedic medicines have centuries of traditional experience behind them. Although certain toxic materials are used for preparation of medicine but they are always detoxicated and made acceptable for the body before administration.

The material scattered in the Vedas was collected and systematically grouped and they are called ‘’Samhitas’’.

According to ancient Indians, the treatises  that encompasses the whole knowledge of Universe are the Vedas. They are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. Atharvaveda mainly deals with different facet of health welfare.

It is fundamental principle of Ayurvedic treatment that excess or deficiency of any of substance is countermanded by the use of suitable contrary substances. The medicine used in Ayurveda is of herbal, mineral and animal origin.

Ayurvedic treatments is generally based on the theory of Tridoshas , which indicate an individual’s resistance to the infection and ability to respond to varieties of medication . Therefore Ayurvedic medicines don’t kill an infection the way antibiotics do, instead they strengthen the body’s immune system to fight the disease or infection.

Ayurveda provides two levels of detoxification treatments, first involves normalizing digestion i.e. palliative treatment.

Most individual suffer from an accumulation of toxins, undigested food particles or waste materials. These not only cause disease but also block the assimilation.

Most disease are Ama related like allergies, arthritis and cancer.

Almost everyone can benefit from mild detoxification in the spring season with the rising of heat and produce of growth externally, internal toxins which have been accumulated in the winter season began to surface. It is important to eliminate them at the time so they do not cause disease through the summer season.

Ayurvedic diagnosis of disease is based on three biological humors; treatment is according to the six tastes. The six tastes are sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, salty and astringent. Each taste has its specific therapeutic action .Eg. Sweet taste is building and strengthening to all body tissue. It is demulcent.

Salty taste is softening, laxative and sedative

These six tastes can be combined for various therapeutic actions .Pungent and bitter combine well for their drying and cleaning action.

Generally, all the disease an individual is prone to can be treated through methods of balancing the constitution. This constitutional approach is the essence of Ayurveda. It gives Ayurveda broad powers for disease prevention, health maintenance and longevity enhancement as well as treatments of the disease. Though it can prescribe a life span for our self as individuals, for health maintenance and to optimize our human and creative potential

Dr. Mukesh bhatia, An Ayurvedic practitioner, practicing at Bhatia Ayurveda more than 15 years has the specializing in Sexual dysfunctions, Respiratory disorders, Gastro-intestinal disorders,Nervous dysfunctions, Spine problems , Cardiac disease as well as Skin problems.

With Ayurveda, you can get rid of disease only one thing, you must have, and that is patience.

Ayurveda can provide you good health in this fast moving World 

Dr. Mukesh bhatia helps you in getting this vibrant health with the help of balancing energy,Rejuvenation ,Tonification , Purification ,Purgation, Palliation and Detoxification.

He also guides you to increase the spiritual power in you .

Pranayam, gems , mantra and meditation have the power to improve the aura  but gems  and mantra are specifically for individuals for whom they are made of . 

He has the power to guide you according to illness.

Ayurvedic and Yogic life -Regimes are given to harmonize our natures to allow the divine grace a field to work in.

Dr. Ritu Gupta  

A Gynaecologist helps you in treatment for Infertility, Menopause related problems, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding ,urinary problems  Breast disorders,Poly cystic ovarian syndrome and carcinomas.



B.A.M.S M.D(A.M)

Head of Department – Ayurveda MEDICINE


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May GOD bless you with health n happiness

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