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Insomnia and treatment
About 25 percent of adults can’t sleep at night. They are suffering from insomnia. In this disease people are not able to sleep or it vanishes before its time.Patient is deprived of proper and quality sleep . They are running after the gathering all the matetlisticthings in the world . They are working day and night. .In this state good and quality sleep run away. The physical and mental distress and high blood pressure are occurring due to lack of proper sleep. In insomnia patient start s taking sleeping pills and liquor and all other intoxicating substances and slowly caught in trap.
When a person does not get proper sleep. He develops the system of tiredness and imbalance in eating and drinking habits. Excessive consumption of liquor cause insomnia. If it prolonged for longet period it will lead psychological problems like schizophrenia and mood disorders like bipolar disorder. .some time patients feel likedoing suicide.
Causes of insomnia
If a person is allergic to any food article thiscan happen
Due to neurosis or psychological disorders patient is unable to sleep.
Person working in shifts can suffer from this type of problems.
Rheumatoid arthritis , Pneumonitis, encephalitis and blockage in arteries are also causing insomnia.
Some people are natural prove to this disease.
Negative thoughts can lead to this problem.
Person living in noisy place can also suffer from this disease.
Excessive t.v. and movies may cause insomnia.

Home remedies
Person must apply khus khus oil or badam oil on his head. .
At night take ginger decoction
Wash your eyes before sleeping
Apply til oil on head

Macoy 10-20gm root must take as decoction.
Punarnava decoction 50-100 ml can be taken
Brahmi mulathi aswagandha jatamansi
Almond oil should be put in nose .in morning empty stomach and in evening before sleep

Skin of the root of bel and piplamool must be powdered and should be taken every day.
Kesar must be fried and smell

Do yoga

Oil massages yoga and light exercise induce good sleep.