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Insomnia and treatment
About 25 percent of adults can’t sleep at night. They are suffering from insomnia. In this disease people are not able to sleep or it vanishes before its time.Patient is deprived of proper and quality sleep . They are running after the gathering all the matetlisticthings in the world . They are working day and night. .In this state good and quality sleep run away. The physical and mental distress and high blood pressure are occurring due to lack of proper sleep. In insomnia patient start s taking sleeping pills and liquor and all other intoxicating substances and slowly caught in trap.
When a person does not get proper sleep. He develops the system of tiredness and imbalance in eating and drinking habits. Excessive consumption of liquor cause insomnia. If it prolonged for longet period it will lead psychological problems like schizophrenia and mood disorders like bipolar disorder. .some time patients feel likedoing suicide.
Causes of insomnia
If a person is allergic to any food article thiscan happen
Due to neurosis or psychological disorders patient is unable to sleep.
Person working in shifts can suffer from this type of problems.
Rheumatoid arthritis , Pneumonitis, encephalitis and blockage in arteries are also causing insomnia.
Some people are natural prove to this disease.
Negative thoughts can lead to this problem.
Person living in noisy place can also suffer from this disease.
Excessive t.v. and movies may cause insomnia.

Home remedies
Person must apply khus khus oil or badam oil on his head. .
At night take ginger decoction
Wash your eyes before sleeping
Apply til oil on head

Macoy 10-20gm root must take as decoction.
Punarnava decoction 50-100 ml can be taken
Brahmi mulathi aswagandha jatamansi
Almond oil should be put in nose .in morning empty stomach and in evening before sleep

Skin of the root of bel and piplamool must be powdered and should be taken every day.
Kesar must be fried and smell

Do yoga

Oil massages yoga and light exercise induce good sleep.




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Ayurvedic Treatment in Karnal and Other Alternative Natural Treatments

Ayurveda is not new in India and neither are ayurvedic services. Ayurvedic treatments focus on rectifying imbalances in human body and aids in achieving perfect balance amid soul, mind, and body. With rising concern towards side effects of allopathic medicines, people are now turning towards the age old practices like Ayurveda and Naturopathy to reinstate mental and physical health.

There are a number of centers offering treatment in India for treating a number of disorders ranging from acute, chronic to common ailments. Centers offering ayurvedic treatment in karnal also offers treatment plans combining yoga and naturopathy treatment with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda for different diseases

Ayurveda medicine and treatments has been developing in the country from the Vedic times and it is quite popular in some parts of the country. Those who are looking for ayurvedic treatment in karnal can now avail of a well-researched healing system that involves natural therapies without the need to go to any other part of the country.

One can get ayurvedic services in karnal for different diseases including diabetes, asthma, cardiac ailments, migraine, stress, obesity, hyper-acidity, indigestion, allergies, and many other ailments. In fact, naturopathy treatment for diabetes has become quite popular in India off late. No drugs are prescribed in naturopathy treatment for diabetes. Naturopathy primarily recommends a healthy diet and other natural practices to fight with diabetes.

Coupled with traditional treatment options

Natural medicines and practices is also the reason behind increasing popularity of ayurvedic services in karnal. Instead of just concentrating on the symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda delves deep into the exact reason of a disease or ailment and then try to eradicate the ailment from its very roots.

With more and more centers offering treatment in karnal, people can now use safe and non-invasive treatments of Ayurveda along with the traditional line of treatment or they can use ayurvedic treatment as an alternative to conventional treatments.

More and more centers offering ayurvedic treatment now

Several hospitals and healthcare centers now put forward naturopathy and ayurvedic treatment in karnal. Diabetes is probably on the top of the list of diseases for which people consider Ayurveda a great alternative. Ayurvedic medicine or herbal diabetic medicines have proved to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels.

However, medicines are not just the only thing that affects diabetes; lifestyle and diet are equally important factors. This is why centers offering ayurvedic treatment in karnal now also combines naturopathy treatment for diabetes, which helps patients to make changes not only in their diet, but also their lifestyle.

Combination of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy for a stress free life

Yoga is also combined with ayurvedic treatment in karnal. Whether, it is yoga, Ayurveda, or naturopathy treatment for diabetes all these treatment options aims towards one goal, which is natural healing without any kind of side effects. Now, with the availability of ayurvedic services in karnal, people in the capital city can get rid of their stress and can get relief from symptoms of several illnesses that affect the busy life of people living in Delhi.

No wonder, why Ayurveda and complimentary treatments like naturopathy and yoga are gaining international acceptances in the present times. Safety is probably the most significant feature that attracts people towards naturopathy and ayurvedic services in karnal.

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Treatment of Psoriasis With Ayurvedic Herbs


In ayurveda lots of herbs are here with which we can treat this dreadful disease .It is an immunity disorder. In ayurveda there  are lots of herbs with which we can raise your immunity. Due to less immunity Rakta Dhatu( blood) is vitiated that is the reason for suffering from  psoriasis.  Psoriasis is not contagious but it is hereditary.We can treat this disease with our miraculous herbs at Bhatia Ayurveda

I am hereby sharing the names of herbs which are specifically aimed at production  of substances that fight with disease causing factors in psoriasis.

1.    Kranj

2.    Haridra

3.    Manjistha

4.    Sariva

5.    Guduchi

6.    Kirtikt

7.    Aswagandha

8.    Shatawar

9.    Neem

10.   Haridra

11.  Chitrak

These herbs are very helpful in treating this dreadful disease.

Also light massage on your body with KRANJ Oil for  two or three months  can help you to get rid of it. Take care of following thing.

1. Do not stay in very high or low temperature for a long time time

2. Do not eat refrigerated food or stale food

3. Do not take alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Please never ever Hesitate in discussing / sharing any doubts of yours over Phone / Email. We shall be extremely Delighted to serve you with the best of Ayurveda Health Services.

If you wants more information about symptoms of  psoriasis please visit website.

You will be recovered 100% by completing the above course

For any Query please do feel free to contact   +91 – 92155 – 67044 (7 PM to 9:30 PM IST on all Days including Sunday)

Wishing you best of Health always.


B.A.M.S M.D(A.M)

Head of Department – Ayurveda MEDICINE