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Liver disease is a common problem.  Allopathic treatment has no efficient and effective liver drugs to treat hepatitis.
Liver disease may be fatal if treatment is delayed.
Autoimmune liver disease may occur at all ages and is four times more common in women than men. It may be fatal if untreated.
Women are more predisposed to drug induced liver injury especially Anti tuberculosis treatment which may result in liver failure.
Life style modification include weight reduction., avoiding fast food, regular exercise up to one hour, five days a week and proper control of diabetes will go a long way to decrease complication associated with a fatty liver.
Ayurveda herbs like Bhumiamalaki and Kalmegh to treat liver disease.

Jaundice is a very late manifestation of liver disease. Other symptoms are fatigue , anemia, lethargy, weight loss or gain , loss of appetite, nausea, swelling of feet or abdomen, joint pain, menstrual disturbance, fever , vomiting of blood,  passage of black stools, memory lapse

Physical examination by an ayurvedic physician liver enlargement and other clinical signs of liver disease .
Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is more common in women who have diabetes and are obese.
Young women on regular contraceptive pills develop liver related side effects like tumor and jaundice.

Take ayurveda herbs to treat liver disease. Liver cells are regenerated.  But herbs should be pure. Market oriented products have less potency




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