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What is Ayurveda by Dr. Mukesh Bhatia | Bhatia Ayurveda Karnal

Ayurveda means ‘’science of life’’. Charaka had defined Ayurveda as the science through the help of which one can obtain knowledge about the happy and miserable types of life. The social medicine which is treated as a new concept in modern system of medicine is nothing but it is that has been preached and propounded in Ayurveda more than 2500 years before.

Ayurveda helps you in getting rid of disease as Ayurveda consider individual as a whole for treatment not only the affected part of the body. Ayurvedic medicines have centuries of traditional experience behind them. Although certain toxic materials are used for preparation of medicine but they are always detoxicated and made acceptable for the body before administration.

The material scattered in the Vedas was collected and systematically grouped and they are called ‘’Samhitas’’.

According to ancient Indians, the treatises  that encompasses the whole knowledge of Universe are the Vedas. They are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. Atharvaveda mainly deals with different facet of health welfare.

It is fundamental principle of Ayurvedic treatment that excess or deficiency of any of substance is countermanded by the use of suitable contrary substances. The medicine used in Ayurveda is of herbal, mineral and animal origin.

Ayurvedic treatments is generally based on the theory of Tridoshas , which indicate an individual’s resistance to the infection and ability to respond to varieties of medication . Therefore Ayurvedic medicines don’t kill an infection the way antibiotics do, instead they strengthen the body’s immune system to fight the disease or infection.

Ayurveda provides two levels of detoxification treatments, first involves normalizing digestion i.e. palliative treatment.

Most individual suffer from an accumulation of toxins, undigested food particles or waste materials. These not only cause disease but also block the assimilation.

Most disease are Ama related like allergies, arthritis and cancer.

Almost everyone can benefit from mild detoxification in the spring season with the rising of heat and produce of growth externally, internal toxins which have been accumulated in the winter season began to surface. It is important to eliminate them at the time so they do not cause disease through the summer season.

Ayurvedic diagnosis of disease is based on three biological humors; treatment is according to the six tastes. The six tastes are sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, salty and astringent. Each taste has its specific therapeutic action .Eg. Sweet taste is building and strengthening to all body tissue. It is demulcent.

Salty taste is softening, laxative and sedative

These six tastes can be combined for various therapeutic actions .Pungent and bitter combine well for their drying and cleaning action.

Generally, all the disease an individual is prone to can be treated through methods of balancing the constitution. This constitutional approach is the essence of Ayurveda. It gives Ayurveda broad powers for disease prevention, health maintenance and longevity enhancement as well as treatments of the disease. Though it can prescribe a life span for our self as individuals, for health maintenance and to optimize our human and creative potential

Dr. Mukesh bhatia, An Ayurvedic practitioner, practicing at Bhatia Ayurveda more than 15 years has the specializing in Sexual dysfunctions, Respiratory disorders, Gastro-intestinal disorders,Nervous dysfunctions, Spine problems , Cardiac disease as well as Skin problems.

With Ayurveda, you can get rid of disease only one thing, you must have, and that is patience.

Ayurveda can provide you good health in this fast moving World 

Dr. Mukesh bhatia helps you in getting this vibrant health with the help of balancing energy,Rejuvenation ,Tonification , Purification ,Purgation, Palliation and Detoxification.

He also guides you to increase the spiritual power in you .

Pranayam, gems , mantra and meditation have the power to improve the aura  but gems  and mantra are specifically for individuals for whom they are made of . 

He has the power to guide you according to illness.

Ayurvedic and Yogic life -Regimes are given to harmonize our natures to allow the divine grace a field to work in.

Dr. Ritu Gupta  

A Gynaecologist helps you in treatment for Infertility, Menopause related problems, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding ,urinary problems  Breast disorders,Poly cystic ovarian syndrome and carcinomas.



B.A.M.S M.D(A.M)

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May GOD bless you with health n happiness

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Ayurvedic Treatment in Karnal and Other Alternative Natural Treatments

Ayurveda is not new in India and neither are ayurvedic services. Ayurvedic treatments focus on rectifying imbalances in human body and aids in achieving perfect balance amid soul, mind, and body. With rising concern towards side effects of allopathic medicines, people are now turning towards the age old practices like Ayurveda and Naturopathy to reinstate mental and physical health.

There are a number of centers offering treatment in India for treating a number of disorders ranging from acute, chronic to common ailments. Centers offering ayurvedic treatment in karnal also offers treatment plans combining yoga and naturopathy treatment with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda for different diseases

Ayurveda medicine and treatments has been developing in the country from the Vedic times and it is quite popular in some parts of the country. Those who are looking for ayurvedic treatment in karnal can now avail of a well-researched healing system that involves natural therapies without the need to go to any other part of the country.

One can get ayurvedic services in karnal for different diseases including diabetes, asthma, cardiac ailments, migraine, stress, obesity, hyper-acidity, indigestion, allergies, and many other ailments. In fact, naturopathy treatment for diabetes has become quite popular in India off late. No drugs are prescribed in naturopathy treatment for diabetes. Naturopathy primarily recommends a healthy diet and other natural practices to fight with diabetes.

Coupled with traditional treatment options

Natural medicines and practices is also the reason behind increasing popularity of ayurvedic services in karnal. Instead of just concentrating on the symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda delves deep into the exact reason of a disease or ailment and then try to eradicate the ailment from its very roots.

With more and more centers offering treatment in karnal, people can now use safe and non-invasive treatments of Ayurveda along with the traditional line of treatment or they can use ayurvedic treatment as an alternative to conventional treatments.

More and more centers offering ayurvedic treatment now

Several hospitals and healthcare centers now put forward naturopathy and ayurvedic treatment in karnal. Diabetes is probably on the top of the list of diseases for which people consider Ayurveda a great alternative. Ayurvedic medicine or herbal diabetic medicines have proved to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels.

However, medicines are not just the only thing that affects diabetes; lifestyle and diet are equally important factors. This is why centers offering ayurvedic treatment in karnal now also combines naturopathy treatment for diabetes, which helps patients to make changes not only in their diet, but also their lifestyle.

Combination of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy for a stress free life

Yoga is also combined with ayurvedic treatment in karnal. Whether, it is yoga, Ayurveda, or naturopathy treatment for diabetes all these treatment options aims towards one goal, which is natural healing without any kind of side effects. Now, with the availability of ayurvedic services in karnal, people in the capital city can get rid of their stress and can get relief from symptoms of several illnesses that affect the busy life of people living in Delhi.

No wonder, why Ayurveda and complimentary treatments like naturopathy and yoga are gaining international acceptances in the present times. Safety is probably the most significant feature that attracts people towards naturopathy and ayurvedic services in karnal.

Dr Mukesh Bhatia
Dr Ritu Bhatia
Address:1873, Sec 6, 
Karnal (Haryana) 132001 – India.
Contact No: +919215567044
Email: drmukeshbhatia18@gmail.com
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